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Your broken furnace doesn’t care what time it is.



 Get your air conditioner repaired from the trustworthy team by our company. We are proudly servicing since many years. From air conditioning installation, AC repair. Our technicians are trained in all areas of installation and repair to assist you.
With an A+ rating , We offer a variety of air conditioning services including:

  • Maintenance– Air conditioner maintenance is the best thing to prevent future air conditioning problems. Additionally, it helps to increase the life of your AC equipment and save you money. Last but not the least, an optimized system may help to increase your air quality and reduce on your energy 15-20%.
  • Installations– Whether you’re looking to have an air conditioner installed, or new central air unit, we can do it. We have experience in installing all makes, models and from the best manufacturers of AC units.
  • Repair– Sometimes things go wrong, that is why we offer AC repair. Whether your AC is new or old, our experienced technicians can fix it. We offer evaluations and will quickly diagnose and fix the issue.
  • Emergency services– Did your air conditioner go out at night? No problem! We offer  services including diagnostic and repair.
  • Online Booking– For your convenience we offer online ordering for all our services.

Our AC installation service and AC repair can help you to lower your energy costs, improve quality of air, gives ultimate comfort and increase the value of your home.We want to make your home comfortable and your life easy. That’s why our technical staff is experienced with installing and repairing any make or model. We try to keep our clients happy, comfortable and healthy. Reach us now to schedule your consultation!



 If your furnace breaks down, don’t panic! 

We offer furnace service. Call us at 703-926-4400 for instant service.

Furnace Repair

Is your furnace having problems? 

Since this is the main time when you require your furnace and heating system more than ever, you cannot afford to have major problems happen. Fortunately, e provide  furnace repair services to solve your any of your most HVAC problems, including any challenges with your furnace.

Our company serves residential and commercial sites. We won’t just fix your furnace .We also offer tips on how to increase the life of your unit!

Some of the General Furnace Problems

Managing furnace problems in advance may be your great saving time and money on repairs that could have been taken care of. Some of the most common problems, we solve daily are as follows:

  • Lack of airflow is most of the times caused by clogged furnace filters because of dirt build-up.
  • An overheating furnace or lack of heating control is generally caused by airflow issues from the motors of the fan and belts of the furnace.
  • Issues with the thermostat are also common, but they are also easily repaired or replaced with our help.

Avoid these problems with a quick call to our company!



 Over decades of experience, our company has been offering heating and air services to homes and businesses. When you require heating or air conditioning installation or repair instantly, trust our certified HVAC specialists to get your work done in a timely manner.

If you want a new heating and cooling unit installation in your home, or regular maintenance at your business, choose our company to take care of yourself. In addition to repair and installation, we also provide:

  • In best market price, We provide HVAC maintenance to keep your system running like as it was first time, when you brought it home – start with our inspection now.
  • Full replacement with top name brands with lifetime guarantee.
  • Air quality testing and filtration systems to help you avoid allergens and create a healthy environment



For expert heating and cooling repair, when you need it most, trust on our company. With 24-hour service dispatch and high-inventory repair trucks, you will have your home or business’ HVAC unit back in order as quickly as possible. You will also enjoy our pricing and 100% satisfaction guarantee as we work hard to get your system up and running.

We also install new residential and commercial heating and cooling units — ask for a complete estimate on HVAC systems. 

Reach us today to get started with the only residential and commercial heating and air conditioning Company, you’ll ever need. We’ll offer you a free, no-obligation estimate on the services you need.



 This may be strange to you, but the most important point that decides your furnace or air conditioner’s efficiency is not your higher ratings, it  is certainly important, the most important element of your HVAC system’s efficiency is ducts! Duct work that is not properly sized or sealed will have major effects on system’s efficiency.

That’s why we’re here, we can quickly do your duct work to meet your needs based on any of your home’s size and layout. If you need to get the absolute most out of your AC or furnace, call us for duct installation or duct repair now!

Duct Installation

The most important thing of installing new ducts is to ensure that it is of the right size.

If your ducts are very large, the blower fan will   have to work much harder to make the air all the way through your home. if your duct are too small, the fan will move more air than the ducts can manage, make it forced to constantly cycle on and off. Needless it to say, if either of these will be the case with your ducts, furnace will not run very efficiently! Our company starts duct installation with proper scrutiny of your home, where we measure the size and layout of house also the capacity of system. So our company can optimize your duct design and installation for house.

Duct Repair & Sealing

You know, even after you have ducts of proper size, holes or  any leakages in duct work can kill  your HVAC efficiency. We offer duct repair and sealing service to make your life more comfortable, easier &  improve your system’s efficiency



Our company  provides water heater maintenance, repair, and installation services. We work with all makes and models of water heaters to offer our services .

As one of  your local heating and plumbing experts, We have been providing water heater services since decades, our company been the service experts that community has come to trust with their commercial and residential HVAC and Plumbing requirements.

Water heating systems now a days have much more efficiencies to give than older  models. If you own a water heater that is not performing well or not heating  water quickly enough, this might be time to replace  water heating system with a new system. get a new water heater today.

Our company offers routine maintenance and servicing for  water heating system. By this way we can help you make sure of  the longevity of your heating system so that it always provides you comfortably hot water for the life of the unit. Regular maintenance, helps with being ensured your system is running well, it also ensures it run efficiently so that you keep your utility and energy expenses at the bare minimum.



 You know, the loss of stock that results from a refrigeration failure can be costly, but the loss of business could be arisen even worse. Our company understands how crucial  it is for you to have trusted refrigeration equipment. But it is not the case with everybody so , we offer  repair services and routine maintenance  so you can keep your cool.

Repair & Installation

When something went wrong in your freezer, there may be a lot of inventory in danger. Breakdowns may also makes leaks that could  also  make equipment and property damages. 

So, you don’t have too much time to wait when your refrigeration equipment fails. That’s why we  provide instant, reliable repair services , we have experienced workers on call to make your equipment back up and running


Most homeowners understand the basics of operating a furnace or air conditioning unit in their home. But there other alternatives to traditional heating and air conditioning systems that can significantly reduce your home energy usage and costs.

For consumers who are concerned about maximizing their energy efficiency and minimizing their impact on the Earth’s environment, heat pumps are a wise choice. Heat pumps are an environmentally friendly product. Heat pumps can supplement the output, or lower the high cost of traditional heating and cooling systems. Not only will installing heat pumps help an average homeowner save money on heating and cooling costs, but it is also a “green” choice. Environmentally friendly heat pumps lower CO2 emissions, reducing your “carbon footprint”. Horizon Services can install heat pumps in your home, and help you save money and protect the earth.